Kottiyoor Temple

Kottiyoor Temple is a prominent shiva temple in Kttiyoor, Kannur,Kerala,India. Vadakkeshwaram Temple is the common name of the temple from ancient times, but some of the local people address the temple as Ikkare Kottiyoor as it is on the bank of the river close to the Kottiyoor village, to differentiate it from the shrine in the other side of the river. Thruchherumana Kshetram is also another name by which temple is known. The temple is a special category temple under Malabar Devaswom board.

The history of the temple is associated with Daksha Yaga. According to Hindu mythology, Dakshaprajapathi, not pleased with his daughter’s marriage to Lord Shiva, decided to conduct a Yaga [sacrifice] at this place without informing his daughter Sati Devi and Lord Shiva.

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