Odathil Palli is a 200-year-old mosque in Thalassery

Odathil Palli is a 200-year-old mosque in Thalassery, a city in the state of Kerala, South India. The mosque was built around 1806. In the heart of Thalassery stands the 200-year-old Odathil Palli and the Garden Mosque. The site of the Odathil Palli used to be a sugarcane garden of the Dutch. It changed hands to the British-owned East India Company

Moosakaka Muslim Keralite, was the contractor of the East India Company. Moosakaka hailed from the Kevi family of Thalassery. The Keyis were among the prominent traders of the time.

Moosakaka was considered to be very honest and trustworthy. Hence, the company wanted to reward him for his loyalty. As per his request, he was given the Dutch sugar garden. Musakaka bought this land for a small price, as he did not want it free.

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